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Head Quarter
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Chilling Plant

Air-Cooled Compact Chilling Plant
Air-Cooled Screw Chilling Plant
Water-Cooled Compact Chilling Plant
Water-Cooled Screw Chilling Plant

Tempkool Technology:

    • Most economic solution
    • Bulk holding tank with immersed cooling coil
    • Upgraded technical solution: Shell & Tube type heat exchanging method
    • Most advanced solution: Plate-type heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers (water-cooled)
    • Compressors of the latest generation technology: scroll, semi-hermetic, hermetic, open, screw or
    • Centrifugal type in systems compliant with Montreal Protocol
    • Air-cooled or Water-cooled systems
    • Heat pump systems
    • Unique control, regulation & protection device with microprocessor based digital /analog systems

Tempkool Advantage:

  • Robust design with small dimensions, saving precision floor space
  • Totally factory tested, ensuring a quality product
  • Precise control through microprocessor based digital system
  • PLC based control with/without PC/modern interface compatibility
  • Operator friendly and easy maintenance
  • Safe operation even in extreme, ambient condition
  • Protection of all major refrigeration components
  • Close approach (1C -2C) handling
  • Low hold-up volume of fluids in chilling plans
  • Most energy efficient system with highest EER compressors
  • Usance of GEA/ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchangers, ensuring highest co-efficient of heat removal
  • Epoxy/Polyester coated painting for long corrosion-free life
  • Low risk fouling and scaling due to high turbulent flow design
  • Flexibility & quality to match every process cooling need
Standard FeaturesHinged electrical panel access door Microprocessor based digital thermostatic controller cum indicator Single phasing prevention MCB/Isolator Individual operation overload & tripping signal with interlocking Water flow switch Liquid separator Moisture & liquid indicator Epoxy/Polyester powder coating Compressor2
Optional Features:Lifting lugs Acoustic insulation Remote control system Capacity controller (unloading upto 66%) Pump down Safety interlock Hot gas bypass PLC system Pumps-positiv displacement SS/Flame-proof Hydraulic door lift Water pressostatic valve Compressor1
Fin & Tube
Shell & Integrally finned tube
Brazed plate
Semi-welded plate
Brazed plate
Shell & Tube
Immersed Cooling coil
Tube in tube
Semi-welded plate

Compound compressor units – hermetic compressors (scroll)

 Hermetic Compressor (scroll)

  • Coumpound unit for normal refrigeration with compound unit for air conditioning as satellite inclusive heat recovery    system for drinking water
  • Coumpound unit for normal refrigeration with satellite compressor for freezing mounted in housing for outdoor    application, unit completely wired
  • Example for compound unit with semi-hermetic compressors: standard design with oil regulation system TraxoilCompound compressor units – semi-hermetic compressorsSemi-Hermetic Compressor
  • Coumpound unit for normal refrigeration with freezing compressor as separate  circuit,zinc coated frame, switch cabinet mounted and wired
  • Compound Compressor unit (normal refrigeration part of booster unit) with noise reduction
  • Compound unit with screw compressors for freezing inclusive of heat recovery system.